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I have been a travel writer since 1990 when I had my first travel piece published. And what a buzz that was and what a crazy ride it has been since! I have learned so much about the world of travel writing and at times it has been very difficult, but I can’t imagine myself doing anything else. During my writing career I have written travel articles, travel guides and most recently been writing content for my blogs and others.

Travel Writing has provided me with freedom I never thought possible. It allows me to work from home or other places like cafes and co-working spaces in different countries around the world. But most of all, it provides me with an income to fund my life.

Sound like something you’re interested in?

I’ve create this course to show you how YOU can make money from your travel writing too. And don’t think you need a degree in journalism to write travel articles that sell, because you don’t – I am living proof of that. In just 5 LESSONS I will help you develop the skills YOU NEED to become a travel writer.


Skills you will gain from this Travel Writing Course


This course will help you get the skills you need to provide freelance travel articles to markets. They include:

  1. The ability to develop many ideas and turn these ideas into a great travel article with a bi-line that will grab an editors attention.
  2. Take a better photo or photos to accompany the article.
  3. The knowledge on how to pitch and sell your articles to markets effectively.
  4. Skills to run your new found career as a business.


What current skills you need to do the course


  1. A love of travel and writing
  2. Curiosity
  3. Enthusiasm
  4. An understanding of the English Language
  5. The willingness to learn
  6. Access to a computer
  7. Typing skills


About this Travel Writing Course


There are five lessons which take you through the steps involved in getting an idea into a saleable format. The process involved goes like this:

  1. You have an idea, then you must
  2. Research your idea, before
  3. Putting your idea and research into an article, then
  4. You must pitch possible markets, and on sale of your article
  5. You have the business and accounting side of travel writing to attend to.

I should worn you from the outset that the course is very hands-on. I do not bog you down with loads of reading material as I believe travel writing is about doing. I will keep you busy with relevant exercises and assignments.


Five Lessons to get the skills you need


Lesson 1: Let’s Get Started

Let’s Get Started covers your tools of the trade so you can write and produce travel articles. You will also begin to develop ideas of what to write about.

Lesson 2: To Market to Market

Lesson 2 covers the markets available to pitch your articles too plus how to pitch and how to make the editor your pitching to happy so he/she will buy your article.

Lesson 3: The Mechanics of Your Article

The fun begins now for you to choose your style, bi-line and layout of your article. Plus there are tips on providing photos to accompany your article.

Lesson 4: Contacting Markets for your Article

The pitch letter is very important to get right so the editor chooses your article to use.

Lesson 5: The Business of Writing

Yes, Travel Writing is a business, your new business and it needs to be treated as a business. 


About your tutor


Sharyn McCullum has spent all her life travelling thanks to her dad who worked for an airline. In her 20s she went overseas by herself and began writing travel articles but most importantly, sold them. And now today, she has written and had published many travel articles, a number of travel guides and produces websites/blogs. All these things provide her income to fund her life. And it could yours too! Click here to start your Travel Writing Career.

The course is based on Sharyn’s own experience of how she gets ideas, turns these ideas into articles, how she pitches to markets and how does looks after the business side of travel writing. She is with you all the way during the course and will be in regular email contact to help you complete it and begin your travel writing career.


The Details


No start or end dates – That’s right the course has no start or end dates.
Duration It is very flexible and you can do it whenever you have time. There is no deadline for completion.
No exams – That’s absolutely right. No exams. Because there are no right or wrong answers in travel writing. The aim of the course is to provide you with the skills to write travel articles for publication. So by the end of it you will have the confidence to start your travel writing career.


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