When a traveller travels one thing that can suffer is their health. This is mainly due to not eating properly because of indulging in fast food, alcohol and having a good time. And health issues can manifest themselves in different ways. You may feel tired, sick in the stomach or become run down which could lead to illnesses like a cold, flu and other things. One way to help maintain your health is to cook your meals but even then you are confronted with a lack of cooking facilities and available fresh ingredients. But worry no more, as this is where Travellers’ Fare – Fast and Fabulous Meals for Travellers comes in.


Who is Travellers Fare for


I did a lot of backpacking where I stayed in hostels. I soon found my health suffered because hostels didn’t have great kitchens with cooking facilities and utensils available. And if they did, other people would be using the things. I, like many, became reliant on fast food. I always wished that sometimes I didn’t have to go out each night to eat. Apart from being a dent in the wallet there wasn’t always a healthy meal on offer. So I devised this cookbook for people like me that would be able to make a decent and nutritious (hopefully) meal with limited cooking facilities and ingredients. In a nutshell, the recipes in Travellers Fare – Fast and Fabulous Meals for Travellers are for single travellers though they can be adapted for couples and families.


Easy to make recipes


As you are travelling you don’t want to put too much effort and time into make a decent feed. So I have made the recipes in Travellers Fare – Fast and Fabulous Meals for Travellers as easy as possible. I list the ingredients you will need, the utensils required to prepare the meal and suggestions on what to do with any leftovers.


Take less than 60 minutes to prepare


I have made and tested the time to make each of the recipes. And they all take less than 60 minutes. I think this is a good thing because I know what it is like to be famished after a day of travelling around, sightseeing, etc.


Limited utensils required to prepare meals

When you travel and stay in hostels you don’t want or need to carry around kitchen utensils – they will just weigh you down. This is why I have created all my recipes to use limited utensils. So meals could can be made in say, one pot. And meals might only need a knife to cut things up and a spoon to stir with. I think you get the drift. Though, can I suggest, you could travel with some utensils. Here are some I have found very useful, a collapsable water bottle, spork (which is one of my absolute favourites items), collapsible bowl, plate and some cooking utensils.


Limited ingredients that provide nutrition


Although most of the recipes have limited ingredients I have tried to include ingredients that will provide you with a nutritious meal. And I hope, the ingredients will be locally sourced and not too expensive. I have also tried to ensure they are tasty meals but you are more than welcome to add different herbs and spices to give them ‘more bite’.


Save money cooking your own meals


It is hoped that by cooking your own meals it will help you to save some money. So rather than going out each night, though it would be nice, cooking at your home for the night should help you save some cash. This is because the ingredients should be cheaper. Plus you aren’t paying for someone to cook for you, you are doing the cooking yourself.

So if you would like to stay healthy when you travel and save some cash at the same time I highly suggest you start cooking your own meals. I know I saved quite a bit of money by cooking my own meals when travelling. Now you can too with Travellers Fare – Fast and Fabulous Meals for Travellers. Enjoy!

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