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People write to me and ask me how I turned my travels into my lifestyle. The key, I have found to turning your travels into your lifestyle is to use the many travel resources available. Trip planning or travel planning for me is exciting, yet downright overwhelming. From deciding which destination I will head to first including discovering the best things to do in the destination. To scouring the web for the cheapest flights and accommodation to buying the right travel insurance for my trip. And I haven’t even mentioned packing for my trip yet! So if you want to turn your travels into your lifestyle use travel resources. I have mentioned all the ones I use following.

Also, lucky for you, I have been planning trips all over the world for many years. I have learnt so much and made countless mistakes along the way. From those countless mistakes I penned my travel guide Ready, Set, Go – Travel — A Pre-planning Guide for Your Overseas Travels. And this guide is often my first port of call to remind me of the things to do during my travel planning stage.  It has all my expert advice, travel tips and hacks that I am sharing with you. And the checklist is invaluable. So get ready to plan your trip and turn your travels into your lifestyle.


Visas – What is Available and How to Apply For One

A Visa Is A Stamp In A Passport To Show You Have Applied To Enter A Country During Your Trip Planning.

A Visa is essential to let you into a country. Visa is a Latin Word meaning ‘To See’, meaning officials of a particular country have seen your request and have given approval for you to enter. There are different visas available including Tourist, Working Holiday, Student, Work Permit and Schengen to name a few.


How I Choose Where to Sleep

Person Lying Face Down On A Bed With A White Sheet Over Them

Where will I be sleeping tonight? More importantly, Where will you be sleeping tonight? There are many accommodation options to stay in as you live work play travel the world. From hostels, hotels, holiday homes, tents to five star luxury. So where will you be sleeping tonight?


How to Pack for Travel

You Need Essential Gear To Pack In Your Luggage.

I think you travel better when you have the appropriate essential travel gear and luggage that suits your destination and the weather at your destination. 


Money – How to Save It, Make It and Carry It

Money. How To Make, Save It and Take It Travelling.  Start By Putting It In a Blue Piggy Bank.

While trip planning you must think about the whole money thing. I mean, how much do you need for your travels, how will you make it, how will you save it and how will you carry it when you travel. Follow my tip, and you’ll be able to follow in my footsteps. No SH…T!


How I choose Travel Insurance

You Will Be A Happy Traveller When You Know You Have The Right Travel Insurance. This Girl Does. See Her Smile.

Seriously, no-one can see into the future. You never know whether you may get sick, have an accident, or have your gear stolen while you are travelling. One essential thing to give you peace of mind is travel insurance. I never leave home without it.


How I Eat Well on the Road

Female Eating Pizza From A Box When Travelling. Doesn't look like she is eating well.

Hands up if you love good food? My hand is up! I love finding delicious and interesting things to eat during my travels and washing it down with a local brew. But  my health can suffer when I over indulge. One thing I do to combat this is to cook. It not only saves me money but I know what healthy ingredients I put in my meal. So don’t let your health suffer from eating badly because it will affect your travels.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles – How to Choose Transport

Looking Out Of A Train Window Down The Tracks. Train Travel Is One Transport Option To Consider When You Plan A Trip.

Planes, trains and automobiles. There are plenty of transport options to consider to get you from A to B during your travels. While planning your trip you need to consider which transport option will suit you and your budget.


How I choose where to Live Work and Play – My favourite Travel Resources

Female and Male Backpackers With Backpacks On Their Backs Looking And Pointing At Scenery While Living Working Playing and Travelling Around The World.

I’m often asked how I have been able to travel for so long. Well …. my answer is that I use a number of travel resources to find cheap flights, great accommodation deals and useful travel gear. Here are my favourite travel resources to help you prepare for your holiday, working holiday and travel and work adventures.


When Planning a Trip There Is Lots To Consider. Transport, Accommodation And Travel Gear.
Blue and Pink Sunset Over Mountains to Work Abroad, Work Online, Travel the World.

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