You know someone going travelling and you want to get them a gift that will be really useful. Well here is my list of really useful travel gear and accessories. And yes, I can recommend all the items on my list. I have been travelling all my life thanks to my dad who worked for an airline and over the years I have discovered many useful items that have helped me travel better. So here you go, get ready to help someone or your own travels with really useful travel gear and accessories. 

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Travel Wallet / Passport and Document Organiser

A travel wallet was one of the first travel accessories I ever bought myself. I have updated a number of times now and I love my current travel wallet as I can keep all my travel documents in the one convenient place. From my passport to money to my credit cards all my items are easy to find. A travel wallet is so convenient and helps me be organised. And I have the added security of knowing my important travel documents are safe and secure in the one place. One of these beats wearing unattractive money belts – but each to their own. For more details and to purchase click on the photo.


Travel Plug Adaptor

I never leave home without my travel plug adaptor. It lets me use all my electrical items wherever I go – as long as there is electricity that is! My latest adaptor is an all-in-one plug that also has USB ports which means I can leave plugs at home, which is a great space saving thing. For more details and to purchase click on the photo.


Packing Cubes

I recently discovered Packing Cubes and now never leave home without them. Basically Packing Cubes can revolutionise the way you pack for your travels. You can use different cubes to categorise your items which makes your items easier to find. So loose the chaos in your bag and become organised with packing cubes. For more details and to purchase click on the photo.

Power bank

There is nothing worse than one of your gadgets’ batteries dying on you when you least want it to. So don’t miss out on that brilliant photo or making that urgent call by not having one of these extremely useful items. My power bank fits easily into my bag and as it is lightweight I don’t feel like I am carrying any extra weight around. I am always using my power bank to charge my phone while I am on the go. I currently have an Anker 20100mAH which lets me charge my phone around 7 times before it needs charging itself. Click on the photo for more details and to purchase.


Electronic Bag Organiser and Travel Plug Adaptor

If you travel with a lot of tech and electrical items like a phone, camera, laptop, iPad, etc. you will probably have a lot of chords and adaptors. Keep them all together in the one place with an electronic bag organiser. Just like packing cubes that help to keep all your clothes organised an electronic bag organiser will help you keep all your electronic items in order. Click on the photo for more details and to purchase.

Neck Pillow

I always wanted to carry a neck pillow with me but always thought they looked ridiculous, until now. There are some great new designs out there that not only offer support for your neck so you get some rest and don’t wake up with aches and pains. But more importantly they don’t look ridiculous and they keep your neck warm. I am now using the Trtl neck pillow and if you spend a lot of time travelling one of these will come in very handy. Click on the photo for more details and to purchase. 

Toiletry Bag

Toiletry bags are so convenient and they help keep me organised by letting me keep all my toiletries in the one place. By categorising my toiletries in the compartments I never loose them in my bags. So no wet or sticky garments for me cause I’ve forgotten to put a lid on securely. If there are any leaks I can conveniently wipe anything off my waterproof toiletry bag. And the hook at the top is so useful to hang up while you are in the shower. Click on the photo for more details and to purchase.

Solid Shampoo and Conditioner

When I first heard about solid shampoo and conditioner I though ‘ewwww’ but you know what, I tried them and love them for a number of reasons. Firstly they help to reduce my plastic waste, secondly they take up less space in my luggage, thirdly I don’t have to worry about those liquid rules and regulations while travelling and fourthly, they fit perfectly in my toiletry bag. Oh, and they are natural and smell nice. My favourite is lavender. For more details and to purchase click on the photo..

Waterproof Phone Holder and / or Waterproof Bag

I learnt the hard way how a makeshift bag didn’t protect my phone from being damaged while at the beach one day. Now I use and love my waterproof phone holder. It is great to take to the beach or when I am doing waterspouts without having to leave my phone behind. I usually just stick with the waterproof phone holder but there are waterproof bags available if you need to carry more things than a phone and some cash during any aquatic adventures. Click on the photos for more details and to purchase.

Travel Towel

We can’t always stay in accommodation that provides free towels and leaves a chocolate on the pillow each night. That is why I always travel with my travel towel. I like the Wise Owl Towel as it is lightweight, soft and quick drying. It doesn’t take up much room in my luggage as well. For more details and to purchase one click on the photo.

Waterproof Jacket

You never know when it is going to rain when you travel which is why I always travel with my handy waterproof hooded jacket. I like it because it folds up tiny and doesn’t take up much space in my bag. I have a navy blue one however, it does come in other colours. Click on the photo for more details and to purchase.

Jewellery Bag

Jewellery Bags are great, particularly if you travel with a lot of jewellery. I love my ear rings and some can be quite small so my jewellery bag comes in handy to keep them safe. My jewellery bag has lots of little compartments so I can categorise my jewellery in to different sections, so ear rings in one section, necklaces in another, I think you catch my drift. To purchase a jewellery bag click on the photo.

Spork / Collapsable Bowl / Collapsable Water Bottle

Depending on the travel I will be doing and the accommodation I will be staying in I often take my spork, collapsable bowl and water bottle. They are so useful when I find myself being able to cook while on the road. Click on the photos for more details and to purchase.

Wacaco Coffee Maker

If you are a coffee lover like me then you will love this portable espresso maker by Wacaco. I have only recently purchased one so cannot give you a glowing report – yet! But from what I gather it uses ground coffee and does make a mean espresso. To find out more details and to purchase one click on the photo.

GoPro Hero 7

Since the GoPro Hero 8 has come on to the market, the GoPro Hero 7 has dropped in price. So now is a great time to get a great action camera for a truly amazing price. The Hero 7 has Hypersmooth, a stabilisation mode that lets you get smooth and professional-quality video of your travels. So if you are planning to go on bumpy 4×4 rides, surfing trips and more then you will be very pleased with the video quality of your GoPro Hero 7. To get more details and to purchase click on the photo.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise cancelling headphones are great because they can cancel out loud noises and constant low-level noice. I only recently discovered that such noises can cause health problems. Loud noises can cause hearing damage and low constant noise such as what you might hear on an aeroplane can interfere with sleep, which can raise your blood pressure and cause stress and headaches. So a good pair of noise cancelling headphones can help you travel better. For more information and to purchase a pair click on the photo.

Safety Door Lock

I have stayed in some, can I say, questionable accommodation with flimsy locks and on a number of occasions I slept with a chair or my backpack up against the door as added protection. Now I have found these Safety Travel Door Locks that add additional security and privacy for me. After all, my safety is paramount. Click on the photo for more details and to purchase.

Travel Laptop Backpack

Travel Laptop Backpacks are so useful. As well as being a useful place to keep all my things I want to take on my transport or out for the day they are water resistant and have a USB Charging Port. They keep me organised for the day by helping me have everything I need for my day in the one place, including my laptop if I need it. Without it, I could forget to take things and my day could become ‘unhinged’. But with this backpack I am sorted. For more information and to purchase one click on the photo.

Luggage Tag

One of the best travel accessories you can purchase is something that will identify your luggage. Cause you never know if someone has the same luggage as you and you don’t want any mix ups. So having something like a luggage tag to identify your luggage is a must. I have used different things myself including ribbon but my latest acquisition is a green tag with the letter S. To purchase a tag with the initial of your name click on the photo.

So there you have it, my list of travel gear for the traveller. However, there is one more I’m adding to my list and that is a e-gift card to spend at Amazon. I’ve included this just in case you already have any of the items I have suggested.

Amazon Gift Card

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    As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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