5 Visas For Digital Nomads With 0% Tax In 2024

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Are you already working remotely but dreaming of moving to another country as a digital nomad? Well, Digital nomad visas are now available in some 60 or so countries around the world. This makes them a very attractive option to legally live and work in another country – as long as you qualify for the visa. But as an added attraction some countries are offering visas for digital nomads with 0% tax. What? Zero percent tax! Tell me more.

After summarising digital nomad visas in another post, I have identified five digital nomad visas that offer zero taxes. Paying no tax is a big incentive to choose a country to live and work in on a digital nomad visa. Add cheap living and fast internet, these countries should be on your digital nomad radar. 

The countries with visas for digital nomads with 0% tax are, in alphabetical order: Anguilla, Bermuda, Costa Rica, Croatia and Georgia.




Enjoy Caribbean island life when you choose Anguilla as a digital nomad visa destination. The visa is easy to apply for with no income requirements. There is quite a hefty fee associated with applying for the visa USD2,000 for individuals. And if you want to bring your family it is $3,000 per family to apply. If you successfully get this visa you can stay for up to 12 months enjoying island life. And not have to pay tax on any income you earn.




The Bermuda digital nomad visa has one of the lowest visa application fees in the Caribbean – at only $263. Add there is no income restrictions to apply for the visa, the Bermuda digital nomad visa can be very appealing for those seeking the Caribbean beach life. If you successfully get this visa you can stay for up to 12 months. And not have to pay tax on any income you earn.


Costa Rica


Costa Rica is an attractive digital nomad visa due to its low cost of living, fast internet speeds and not having to pay any taxes for 12 months on your income if you earn it from a company outside of the country. To get the visa though there are income requirements – you must be earning at least $3,000 per month consistently to qualify for the visa. But with it, you can live and work an in incredible country in South America.




Croatia is very appealing to digital nomads due to its low cost of living, fast internet and proximity to its European neighbours. Becoming part of the Schengen Zone in 2023 makes travel to European neighbours a great option. Weekend in Paris anyone!

For the above reasons, Croatia is a popular Digital nomad destination but to get the visa there is an income requirement of $2,500 per month or prove you have $31,000 in savings.  The digital nomad visa will let you stay for up to 12 months without having to pay any taxes if you earn income from a non-Croatian company.




Last on my list of visas for digital nomads with 0% tax is Georgia. Georgia, in particular Tbilisi is proving to be a digital nomad hotspot due to the low cost of living, fast internet and proximity to travel throughout Europe.

To qualify you will need to be making at least $2000 per month or show you have $24,000 in your bank account.

Let’s just qualify the zero tax. You pay zero tax for the first 180 days on any income earnt. After that, the top tax rate is 20% but if you receive the ’Small Business Status’ you will only pay 1% tax if you earn less than $184,000 per year. Confused? It can be so understand what is involved before you apply for the visa.


Are You Ready to Be a Digital Nomad Paying 0% Tax?


Being a digital nomad means you make your living from working online while travelling to different countries. And the more money you can make to fund your lifestyle the better. So not having to pay tax is a big bonus to take into account when applying for a digital nomad visa. Hopefully, more countries will follow suit.


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