Walking is one of the most cost-effective ways to keep fit but it is also a great way to get to know the place you are visiting. That could be a beachside town, hiking in a national park or seeing all the sites in a major city. No matter where you are walking is a great travel option. And to walk effectively it is a good idea to have walking essentials. Here is my suggested walking essentials checklist.


Reasons to Walk


Walking offers many health benefits. It improves your circulation, strengthens your muscles, lightens your mood, helps you loose weight, is good for your heart and helps you sleep. And apart from these health benefits walking is a great way to get to know the place you are in. Plus, it is the cheapest form of transport to get you around town.


Walking As Transport


When you travel there are a number of types of transport you rely on to get you places. There are trains, planes and automobiles. But the cheapest form of travel that is on hand are your legs. Yes, that’s right! Your legs are the best way to get around. However, when you are walking whether that be a leisurely walk along the beach or town or on the local trails you need to have the right walking essentials. I’m sure you have an idea of the basics of walking gear, but there are many items that can make your walk so much easier, more comfortable and enjoyable. The last thing you want is to get blisters on your first day of walking and not be able to see the sites for the next few days. So here is my walking essentials checklist to help you get walking.


Different Types of Walking Needs Different Types of Clothes


That’s right, different types of walking needs different types of gear. A day walking around town will see you in different clothes to spending a weekend climbing mountains. I mean seriously, you wouldn’t wear a pair of wedge sandals to walk through the bush. Apart from possibly falling over and breaking your leg you leave yourself exposed to scratches and scrapes from bushes and possible bites from animals. So wearing appropriate clothing is essential to suit the type of walking you will be doing. And because I like to walk I have been able to adapt my clothing and footwear to the type of walking I will be doing. It has taken a lot of trial and error. So before you make the mistakes I did, here is my suggestions for clothing to help make your walks more comfortable, easier and more enjoyable.


Walking Footwear


Let me start with footwear. Arguably the difference between an unpleasant walk and a pleasant walk is the right footwear. Ensure your feet are well looked after while you walk and they can take you a long way. There is nothing worse than sore feet caused by poor walking shoes. Check out the following shoes and choose a pair to the type of walking you will be doing. Boots for hiking and casual shoes for walking around town.


Walking Boots

Walking Shoes

Casual Walking Shoes

Walking Socks

Casual Sandals

Walking Sandals

Tips for Buying Walking Boots

  • Visit an outdoor adventure store and get the shoes fitted properly.
  • Wear thick wool socks when trying on the shoes.
  • Consider the ankle support of the shoe. Loose terrain can cause ankles to move in directions they don’t like.
  • Decent walking boots need a wash and a chemical spray from time to time so buy that with the boots.
  • It’s vital to wear in your hiking boots before your walking holiday. 

Walking Clothes


The correct walking clothing will make your walk more comfortable. Clothing like a waterproof jacket will help you tackle the elements. It will depend on your walking trip as to what clothing to wear. If you are spending the day sightseeing then your casual clothes will be just fine. On saying that, think about where you are going. You will dress differently for a day at the beach to a day walking around a museum. If you are going hiking it is best to wear specific hiking clothes to ensure you have a good hiking experience. Here are some suggested clothes that are great for walking.


Waterproof Jacket

Thermal Underwear

Walking Pants

Sun Hat

What to Carry in Your Day Pack or Bag


I learnt way back in the Girl Scouts to ‘be prepared’. So I may have a few more items in my day pack than others. Depending on my day I often have a small first aid kit, sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat. I always have a water bottle and some snacks. My fully charged phone rarely leaves my side and is great to take photos with if I am not taking my camera. A power bank is very useful in case you need to charge the phone. And one item I often discreetly carry is some toilet paper, yep that rights, toilet paper. When hiking in the woods or even using some public toilets, toilet paper will come in very handy as will a plastic bag to get rid of any rubbish in.


Solar Charged Powerbank

First Aid Kit

Collapsable Water Bottle

Toilet Paper

Now I don’t take every item with me as it depends on what type of walking I will be doing. When sightseeing I usually take my Messenger Bag with me while when hiking I take my small day pack. And if I’m hiking or camping for a weekend or longer of course I have other luggage.

Messenger Bag

Day Pack

So there you have it, my suggestions of what to take walking. I hope all my suggestions will make your walking experiences more comfortable. I am sure with my suggestions and what you learn while walking will see you have your own unique walking essentials checklist.


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