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Travel Insurance – Why you need it.

This blog is updated September 2019. Travel Insurance just might become your best friend when you travel. Why? Cause you never know when you might need it. Now you might have heard that before, but believe me on a number of occasions during my travels I...

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The Great Indian Hunt

The post is written by TheTarzanWay.Ever wandered how it would be for you and your pack to participate in a hunt that submerges you in the Indian culture, history and heritage. Join us and compete against several others in this series of challenges and...

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10 tips for Getting Sleep on a Plane

Many people are taking long-haul flights and at some stage during the flight will hopefully get some sleep, but this is not always the case. As most of us fly economy and don’t have access to first or business class seats/beds we are forced to adapt to...

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Hostel jobs | How to find a job in a Hostel

It is believed the idea of a hostel was first conceived in Germany around the beginning of the 20th Century. It was a German school teacher, Richard Schirrmann, who after numerous school trips created dormitory style accommodation for his students. This...

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Over 30 – your work and travel options

Living, working and playing abroad in your twenties is almost a rite of passage these days. You finish high school and live your dream of travelling around the globe by having a gap year, or more. And most do this by going on a working holiday. But what if...

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