Working online has many advantages and allows many to work remotely or travel the world as a digital nomad. If you have an engineering degree and an interest in computers then you might consider becoming a software developer that works online while travelling or remotely. If this is of interest read my interview with Deb Pati who works online mostly from his favourite coffee shops around the world doing software development.


Where are you from and what do you do?


Originally from India, I have traveled, lived, and worked in various countries. While I did teach EFL on and off for more than a year, my primary line of work has been programming. My profession has many names like a coder, computer programmer, software engineer or developer etc.


What does a Software Developer do?


A software engineer usually develops a new web or mobile application based on the requirements or supports an existing application. The application can be used to run things in your local library, act as a portal for a bank worldwide, be used to file social security, etc.


What made you decide to become a Software Developer?


I already had a degree in Engineering and had learned a couple of programming languages during my time in the university before getting a job as a software developer. So I guess the decision was sort of made when I entered university.


Where do you find clients?


You can find clients on the online job platforms of Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, LinkedIn etc. Once you have clients, some become repeat customers.


How many hours do Software developers usually work?


If you have a full-time job, it will usually be 40 hours per week only. If you are freelancing, then you will be the one deciding. But it can depend on how long the job is for and whether you have been given a deadline for completion. The length of assignments should be discussed and agreed upon before you accept the job.


How Much Money Do Software Developers Make?


Depending on where you are and your tech stack and experience, it can be anything from $20,000 to $500,000. Or even more. It will depend on the hours you want to do.


 What does a day in your life look like?


A day in my life would involve working on new features or updating a feature in an application, troubleshooting and fixing any issues, logging my effort, a couple of more stand-up calls to update on my progress, and report impediments. Lunch as well and a coffee break.


What equipment do you need?


You will need a powerful computer or laptop to create or amend the software and applications. You will need some software but it will depend on what you are working on. When you work remotely you will need somewhere to work, home office, coffee shop, co-working space, etc. And you will need good internet so you can keep in touch with clients.


What are your favorite things about working as a Software Developer?


That I can find a job almost anywhere in the world even if I don’t speak the language. It wouldn’t need any extra evaluations or process.


What are your least favorite things about working as a Software Developer?


No matter how much you know, you always have to keep on learning new tech since tech is changing so fast. If you stop learning, you will be left behind.


If you were to help someone else follow in your footsteps, what would you recommend they do? 


If they could, they should get a degree in engineering or computer science, so that it will be a base. A formal degree does open a lot of doors and helps with your job application.

But if that’s not possible, free Youtube tutorials, projects on, or with paid tutorials on Udemy or Coursera or any other online education place. There are organizations that teach coding for free or pretty cheap. They need to learn at least one popular programming language like Java, Javascript, Python, and network with fellow learners or somewhere else.


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For any readers who might be looking to hire a Software Developer, what services do you offer?


  1. Website development using WordPress.
  2. Application development using Java, JBPM, Drools

Contact Deb at The Visa Project. Email:


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