Work options


Many people pick up work as they travel the world. It ranges from doing what they did at home to trying something totally different. What do you think you will try? Check out our blogs on types of work you could possibly do. We are adding to our list all the time so please check back regularly. If you are interested in a working holiday in a specific country check out our Destinations page for more details.


Types of work


Typical Backpacker Jobs
Busking and Street Performing
Pull a pint in a Pub
Au Pair or Nanny Jobs
Yacht Crewing
Work on a Cruise Ship
Hostel jobs
Pick fruit and vegetables
Spend a season in a Snow Resort – Australian Ski Resort Jobs, New Zealand Ski Resort Jobs
Teach English
Kibbutz Volunteer Israel
Spend a summer at a Beach Resort
Be a Digital Nomad
Paid Surveys Online
Summer Camp USA
Travel Blog


Check out our work blogs following for inspiration.

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Yacht Crewing

Become a Crew member on a yacht Have you thought about spending your time sailing the seas? Waking up to beautiful sunrises. Island hopping in the Caribbean or Mediterranean. Catching your dinner then watching the sun set after a long day and being paid to...

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Backpacker Jobs

Typical backpacker jobs So you’re on the road and spent all your money, so how do you make some to continue travelling? It would be easy to call home and get some sent to you however, many of us are more resilient than that and fall back on finding a job -...

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