Where will you LIVE WORK and PLAY?


What is a Working Holiday?

A working holiday, which is sometimes called a gap year, allows you to have an extended stay in another country. To have a working holiday you need a working holiday visa and this gives you the right to stay 12 months or longer. During your stay you can take work to supplement your savings. Extra savings will allow you to travel the country and learn how the locals live.


Why Go on a Working Holiday?

I can provide you with 4 good reasons why.

  1. Discover the World
  2. Make Money While You Travel
  3. Meet New Friends
  4. Enjoy a Life Changing Experience


Which Countries Have a Working Holiday Visa?

Find out here.

Don’t Qualify For a Working Holiday. Don’t Worry. Find out Your Work and Travel Options here.


What is a Digital Nomad Visa?

A Digital Nomad Visa is relatively new and not many countries have them. Those that do have recognised that people can work online from anywhere and so have introduced a Digital Nomad Visa to entice digital nomads to come to their country. Check out which countries have a Digital Nomad Visa here.


Choose Your Working Holiday Destination Now


Indonesian Temple

Over 30? Don’t Qualify for a Working Holiday Visa? Don’t Worry.

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People Over 30 Enjoying Travels. Looking At A Map To See Where They Will Work And Travel Next.
Female and Male Backpackers With Backpacks On Their Backs Looking And Pointing At Scenery While Living Working Playing and Travelling Around The World.

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