Learn to make your own pizza in Italy


When I travel I love to try the local foods, and Europe has many countries with their own very unique local foods. I’m sure, like any traveller, myself included, will be able to recount each amazing local dish you have tried. One way to appreciate these local foods is to try a local cuisine cooking class to make the dishes yourself. Undertaking a cooking class provides many benefits and allows you to immerse yourself into the local traditional food. And what a gratifying feeling to know, you have made it yourself. If you are interested to learn to cook some European classic dishes, well here are 6 European cuisine cooking classes that could prove to be the best travel experiences during your travels.

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Apple Strudels in Austria


I often associate Austria with the movie ‘The Sound of Music’ with its old buildings, snow capped mountains and rolling grassy hills with a cow munching on the grass. It might be that I associate Austria with warm foods like goulash, snitzel and apple strudel because of its wintery atmosphere. So why not make traditional apple strudel in a cooking class while in Austria.

Belgian Chocolates and Waffles


There are many chocolate makers throughout Europe and none more spectacular that those in Belgian. Add in Belgian beer, local produce and waffles and you may never want to leave this small country. Before you buy out the chocolate shop, why not learn why and how Belgian chocolate is so special in a cooking class. 


French Cooking Classes


For many, French cuisine is gastronomy! Such gastronomy is created by locally grown and made produce that creates classic French dishes. And then there is the pastries and breads! And when in France, do as the French do, and create classic French Fare when you undertake a French cooking class. Bon Appetite!


Italy Cooking Classes


Let’s be honest, if you are in Italy, pasta, pizza and gelato will be your staple diet! So why not have the experience of a lifetime and make your own from a nona! Well here are a few Italian cooking classes you could try!


Greece Cooking Classes


While Greek island hopping or stepping back in time in Athens I am sure you will enjoy some local Greek delights. So come off the beach or step back in to today and learn to cook the Greek way!


Spain Cooking Classes


The Spanish know how to turn a traditional dish into an enjoyable meal! Using local produce infused with garlic and olive oil each region of Spain has many dishes to try. And why not discover how some of them are made!


Final Words


And there you have it. Some of the best European cuisines cooking classes you must try while travelling in Europe. If you have done a cooking class in Europe I would love to hear about it in the comments following.



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