Live Work & Play in London & the UK


Live Work & Play in London & the UK
Your Working Holiday Guide

Our e-book will guide you step-by-step through all you need to know and do to make your working holiday the best. Download your copy now and get going.


A London working holiday is the most popular working holiday destination and the key to a great working holiday is preparation. If you don’t know where to start then let our ebook Live Work & Play in London & the UK guide you step-by-step to get ready for the time of your life. Written by Sharyn McCullum who has done what you are about to do. She arrived one cold March day at Heathrow Airport with no friends, no family, no job and no where to stay and wondered what on earth she had done. She spent 4 years living, working and playing in London and the UK and imparts her knowledge and the latest details in this guide. There are loads of contacts to help you find accommodation and to land that all important job.

The chapters include:

Ready, Set, Go! – enables you to organise yourself before you go to make your holiday a little easier. There is a useful check list.
Arriving in the UK will give you the lowdown on arriving so your first few hours in the UK are less stressful.
First things firstthere are some things you need to do first to help you to settle in like get a NIN.
Accommodation – get an insight into short and long-term accommodation options available.
Work– what work can I get and how do I get?
A-Z of Jobs – profiles of many work opportunities and contact details of recruitment agencies/employers for landing a position.
Holidaying the best part of your holiday.  Options for travelling plus sightseeing suggestions.
Useful informationa valuable insight and tips to help you settle in.

So get your copy now and get going.



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