Travellers’ Fare


A cook book with recipes providing nourishment for a travelling body and soul.


Travellers’ Fare – Fast and Fabulous Meals for travellers

When a traveller travels one thing that can suffer is their health. This is mainly due to them not eating properly because of a lack of cooking facilities, the limited availability of ingredients and over indulging in alcohol and having a good time. This is where Travellers’ Fare comes in. Our e-book offers many recipes that will sustain you while you travel. And as the recipes are in an electronic format you can refer to them anywhere and anytime when you have downloaded a copy on to your device.

All recipes inside the e-book:

  • Take less than 60 minutes to prepare and cook. Good news as you don’t want to spend long times in the kitchen.
  • Use minimal cooking facilities. More good news as you don’t need the hassle of having to clean up lots of pots and pans after creating your fast and fabulous meals.
  • Use minimal ingredients. Even better news as minimal ingredients means spending minimal money.
  • Provide nourishment and taste great. Fabulous news as eating should be enjoyable.
  • Help you save money while travelling. This is the best news of all.

For instant access to nutritious, economical and easy recipes download your copy of Fast and Fabulous Meals now.



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